Mission & Vision

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The Foundation’s mission is to act as an information, assessment and coordination centre between the University—and other research and educational centres—and business, paying special attention to innovation, employment and training.

Activities by Area


  • To encourage and facilitate technology transfer and research findings towards to businesses, public administration and wider Murcia society.
  • To channel research and findings, as well as teacher, research group, departmental, institutional and academic services and assistance towards companies and public enterprise, assuming the tasks of promotion, management, negotiation, participation in public tenders, underwriting agreements, contracts and collaboration agreements, assessment and offering services and technological support.


  • To develop activities which encourage specialisation, employment insertion possibilities, career improvement, self-employment and student and professional entrepreneurship in the Region of Murcia.
  • To guarantee the necessary speed and efficiency required for managing the need for professionals shown by companies operating in the Region of Murcia. 
  • To train students and professionals in the skills necessary for optimal performance in their profession, through specific activities which facilitate access to the jobs market and finding a new job, which ensure the permanent update of their professional skills and which, when necessary, facilitate their retraining.


  • To improve training, language skills and new technology use via quality, innovative, practical and dynamic teaching based on our fundamental values and firmly grounded in humanist and entrepreneurial philosophies. 
  • To promote and facilitate mobility and internationalisation for entrepreneurs in the Region of Murcia.


Our vision is to be recognised as a reference institution in relations between the academic and business worlds and the world of public administration, in order to contribute to the impulse and development of companies operating in the Region of Murcia and in our society more generally.

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