Us and Them Project

US & THEM is an Erasmus+ project whose aim is to promote dialog, tolerance, collaboration for good coexistence in a multicultural world.

It is addressed to educators from the field of Adult Education (AE) so as to offer them a learning opportunity to develop and strengthen their competences and working skills in a multicultural environment and consequently their understanding of the “others” when dealing with people from different backgrounds.

By working with multicultural and multi-ethnics groups of adult learners, educators will manage to adapt and improve their way of working with mixed groups and to promote tolerance, respect and positive attitudes towards other people when living, working or getting integrated within a multicultural environment.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and the partnership is composed by institutions of 8 countries (Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and United Kingdom).

The Fundation University Enterprise-Region of Murcia (FUERM) is the project’s reference institution in Spain.

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